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Course Follow Up

seo course training manualsComing on one of the courses is one thing but we know that it’s the work you do after the course which is really vital. This is very often when you get caught up with everything else that is on your desk or going on in the office and it can’t always be easy to get as much as quickly as you’d like and it could be at that point some of the points we’ve been through on the course become a little hazy.

This is why we’ve structure our Intermediate Course the way we have:

1. All course notes are available online and you’ll get a login to access them (through this site) once you’ve been on the course

2. A 1 hour webinar follow up approximately 1 month after you’ve been on the course so we can run through what you’ve done since the course and check that you’ve got everything off to the right start. It’s also a great opportunity to double check some of the things we went though on the course, things are constantly changing in the world of SEO so its a great way of keeping up to date.

seo course follow up

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